Founder’s inspiration

Founder’s Inspiration

I am a mother and have always wanted the best for my family; be it food, education or healthcare.

I also wanted to give my small contribution in changing the world, but like most of the woman out there, I was too pre-occupied with my day-to-day management.

My husband and my kids always encouraged me to go out and live my dream, but I always ended up shying out of it, thinking that it would be difficult to manage two worlds.

I spend countless nights staying up late and trying to figure out a solution, a gold mine finally struck me.

What if I can take my passion and my skills, and convert it into a business that spreads joy, warmth and happiness to countless others around me? That way I can contribute to the world, live my dream, and not fall behind on my responsibilities. founder’s inspiration

That is how the idea of Cafe Klatsch was born. I pitched it to my husband, who loved it. With his support I set up the business, the way I want.

The idea was simple; To create a homely experience outside home. To get people together, serve them tasty, healthy, homemade food that brings back beautiful memories and creates new ones.

My husband is hell bent on technology, and here I am, trying to take people back in time, where they LOLed in person, not on WhatsApp.

My business might not be doing great in terms of profits, churning out in huge bottom-line impact, but the smiles, hugs and thank-you’s I receive every time a customer walks out, is priceless.

Most of our customers come back, not only because of the food, but because they can feel the positive vibes in our cafe. Experiencing this makes me feel like I have made a difference, played my part, and it helps me go to sleep peacefully every night.