Cafe Klatsch launches “Deals on Meals”, starting at Just Rs.95/-. Here’s Why.

Food at Cafe Klatsch has always been irresistible. May it be our Pizza’s, Quesadilla, Pasta or Sizzling Brownie. Anyone who has ever been to the Cafe has left with a satisfied palate, a heavy stomach, and a desire to come back again. Despite the quality and quantity of food we serve, what was holding people back from coming more often?

A little survey helped us understand that 86% of the people LOVED the food at the Cafe, out of which 92% of the people found our quantity sufficient. So we asked them “If you love our food so much, why don’t you come back more often?”

And their answer: “We cannot afford spending this much on food twice or thrice a week. Once a week is more than enough. Its not very expensive, but its not something we can spend on often.”

Well, we listened to you’ll. and after 3 months of intense planning and preparation, we have finally come up with something that will be heavy on your palate and stomach, but at the same time be light on your pocket.

Presenting: “DEALS ON MEALS”, starting at Just Rs.95/- #PaisaVasoolDeals


DEAL NO.1: Toasty Bite @ Just Rs. 95/-. Breakfast has never been more delightful! Quality food at reasonable rates, only at ‪#‎CafeKlatsch‬‪#‎PaisaVasoolDeals‬

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DEAL NO. 2: Roll over Hunger @ Just Rs. 95/-. Kickstart your day with a delightful breakfast without burning a hole in your pocket, only at‪#‎CafeKlatsch‬ ‪#‎PaisaVasoolDeals‬

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DEAL NO. 3: Sandwich Moment @ Just Rs. 95/- . Because nothing brings greater happiness than munching on a scrumptious sandwich while sipping on your favourite coffee, only at ‪#‎CafeKlatsch‬ ‪#‎PaisaVasoolDeals‬.

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DEAL NO. 4: Pasta Panga @ Just Rs. 225/-. Enjoy a 3 course meal with your favourite starter, pasta and dessert/drink at a never seen before price, only at ‪#‎CafeKlatsch‬ ‪#‎PaisaVasoolDeals‬

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DEAL NO. 5: Quesa Delight @ Just Rs. 225/-. Your favourite Quesadilla, now a part of our 3 course meal, guaranteed to satisfy your palate and sweeten your moment, only at ‪#‎CafeKlatsch‬ ‪#‎PaisaVasoolDeals‬

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DEAL NO. 6: Pizza Treato @ Just Rs. 225/-. Now experience Quality and Cost Effective meals which include your favourite combinations, only at‪#‎CafeKlatsch‬ ‪#‎PaisaVasoolDeals‬

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DEAL NO. 7: Funtastic Feast @ Just Rs. 599/-. Treating your friends has never been this yummy and cheap! This 4 course meal is guaranteed to fill all those stomachs and leave the Cafe with a smile, only at‪#‎CafeKlatsch‬ ‪#‎PaisaVasoolDeals‬

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DEAL NO. 8: Munching Masti @ Just Rs. 699/-. Family or friends outings have never been better. Experience a wide range of tastes with a filling quantity, only at ‪#‎CafeKlatsch‬ ‪#‎PaisaVasoolDeals‬

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This is it guys. 8 amazing deals, 8 more reasons to visit Cafe Klatsch. Our deals will be available starting November 1st, with NO HIDDEN COSTS. Hope to see you soon at ‪#‎CafeKlatsch‬. For queries or orders, call/whatsapp us on: 9328188617 ‪#‎PaisaVasoolDeals‬

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Points to be noted:
  • No compromise on Quality. Cheaper does not always mean lack of quality.
  • No compromise on Quantity. Quantities served in the deals will be the same as that served individually.

Reason enough to visit Cafe Klatsch more often? We will be waiting 🙂

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